About Me:

I am Riley McDaniel and I am 18 years old. I have been taking photos for roughly 8 years and have been into graphic design for 6 years. Both photography and graphic design have been such fun and exciting hobbies. I really enjoy how they allow me to express myself and offer my perspective to others; it is truly a gift to be able to share a piece of me in such a creative and fulfilling way.


Unless otherwise stated, all pictures and graphic design on this website are the sole property of Riley McDaniel. Riley McDaniel must give authorization to any duplication, processing, distribution, manipulation, or monetization of such material. 

Photos that are already authorized to be reposted (with credit) have a disclaimer at the top of the page saying "Any photos on this page are okay to repost as long as you give photo credit by tagging @rileyseye or by listing my full name (Riley McDaniel) as the creator of this image along with my website" meaning only the photos on that page are authorized to be reposted with credit.

Contact Me:

If you would like to contact me you can direct message on any of my Instagrams or email me at

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If you would like to support me and see more of my hobbies, you can connect with me on LinkedIn, donate through Venmo, or even follow me on Instagram.

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